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FTI’s nickel backers in Palmer’s sites

iNO Opinion FEG Recovery Unit Director Henry Carr. Vannin Asia Pacific head Tom McDonald. It would’ve been either touchingly naive or perilously optimistic to think the $110 million Clive Palmer agreed to pay to Queensland Nickel (QN) special purpose liquidator earlier this month would strip any heat from the ongoing litigation. In iNO’s opinion, the eye watering settlement Steve Parbery extracted might inspire Palmer to…

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ASIC’s liquidator’s lodgement blitz uncovers not much

Well the results of ASIC’s published notices website and lodgement project’ have been collated and it appears that the vast majority of Australia’s 700 or so registered liquidators scarcely miss a beat when it comes to compliance. In ASIC works to ensure registered liquidators comply with obligations ASIC said the key finding was that: “Registered liquidators are mostly doing the right thing and lodging forms…