VA’s & DoCA’s

Another 11th hour VA fails to derail winding up

Worrells Con Kokkinos. iNO would not presume to speculate on whether it’s poor judgment, an entrepreneurial appetite for risk or sheer desperation that compels registered liquidators to sometimes accept appointments as voluntary administrators (VA) in situations where it would seem, even to your correspondent’s lay understanding, that only a liquidator will do. Such thoughts occurred however as iNO considered the very recent winding up of…

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Westpac monsters Forum VAs as Papas tests positive

Alleged fraudster Bill Papas is COVID positive and languishing in Athens a court heard yesterday, which might explain why Westpac Bank – which would love to ask the Forum Group founder about its missing $300 million – spent much of the afternoon monstering Domenic Calabretta and two of his Mackay Goodwin colleagues in regard to their role as voluntary administrators (VA) of 30 Forum Group entities.