Estimate or Assessment key to proof of debt dispute

Jones Partners principal Bruce Gleeson. Jones Partners Daniel Soire. Was a proof of debt a formal notice of payroll tax assessment, with all the force such a determination issued by a statutory authority carries, or was it a mere estimate, which for the purposes of a DoCA vote could be deemed contingent? This is one of the key questions Federal Court judge . . ….

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Australian insolvency laws an “impenetrable quagmire”

Safe Harbour review panel chair Genevieve Sexton. Duff & Phelps-Kroll senior advisor Steve Parbery. The panel charged with reviewing the insolvent trading Safe Harbour provisions has called for a root and branch review of Australia’s insolvency laws, which it said are perceived by many even in the industry as an “an impenetrable quagmire that is scary, complex and unknown.” “Fundamental to such a review is…