KPMG trio and funder feud over shortfall

KPMG’s Will Colwell. KPMG’s Tim Michael. When a secured creditor funding deed administrators gets told that the $250,000 it handed over to fund a section 444GA application is insufficient because the deed administrators’ costs have absorbed it, well, you can imagine that the relationship might become a little strained. Certainly it could be expected that an at least temporary chill descended in . . ….

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Derailed insolvent trading case burns Pitchers pair

Pitcher Partners’ Andrew Yeo. Pitcher Partners’ Gess Rambaldi. There must’ve been some choice words in the offices of Pitcher Partners Melbourne after a court refused Andrew Yeo and Gess Rambaldi’s application for judicial indulgence in respect of the late submission of evidence critical to a $6 million plus claim for insolvent trading against Simon Freeman of LGL Commodities. Those choice words however remain unpublished, whereas…