Voidable Transactions

Liquidator of Obeid family Quay holes forced to settle

RSM’s Frank Lo Pilato. RSM partner Frank Lo Pilato has had to take a haircut on his fees and expenses on the liquidation of Circular Quay Restaurants Pty Limited after an absence of funders forced him to settle on pauper’s terms with the family of corrupt former Labor politician Eddie Obeid. As was revealed in the NSW Supreme Court on Monday, Pilato

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DCoT’s Busby Affidavit aimed at ousting FTI duo

FTI Consulting’s Joanne Dunn. FTI Consulting’s John Park. It might not deliver the impact of a best seller like The Bourne Identity but around FTI Consulting QLD’s Central Plaza HQ at least we reckon The Busby Affidavit is quite the page turner. Contained within this innocuously monikered document lies nothing less than a bid by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation’s (DCoT) to relieve FTI’s Joanne…