Basslink receivers on the way out after sale fail

KPMG’s Peter Gothard. EYs restructuring chief down under – Adam Nikitins. With an asset of the significance of the Basslink undersea electricity transmission cable linking Tasmania and the Australian mainland, it’s not difficult to imagine how a labyrinth of competing interests might have foiled the best efforts of the receivers appointed to the infrastructure group in November 2021 to effect a sale . . ….

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Extend-a-thon continues as VAs sweat on Solomons

Hall Chadwick partner Kathleen Vouris. Hall Chadwick’s Richard Albarran. It’s not often that a pair of administrators seek the court’s approval to extend a convening period with the excuse that they’re waiting for a foreign government to stump up a deed contribution that’ll make all debts disappear. Hall Chadwick partners Richard Albarran and Kathleen Vouris however can lay claim to this rare distinction. As administrators…