Accidental deregistration costs embattled IP $10k

Amos Insolvency’s Peter Amos. Last week iNO revealed that Peter Amos was one of two liquidators being subjected to the scrutiny of an external reviewing liquidator (RevLiq) from ASIC’s panel. This week we learned that it’s not just an ASIC-backed RevLiq that has questions for the south-west Sydney-based IP. During a hearing in the Federal Court on Wednesday we heard how PwC’s redoubtable Scott duo…

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Halifax and the maddening complexity of commingling

KPMG’s Phil Quinlan KPMG’s Morgan Kelly. An application for the issue of a “Letter of Request” to the High Court of New Zealand (NZHC) has been ruled “premature” due to the application being ex-parte, but the liquidators of online broker Halifax Investment Services PtyLtd (Halifax) are almost certain to reapply given the unbridled intermingling of client and company funds across Halifax’s Australian and Kiwi operations….