Hall Chadwick’s Validus link snapped by BRI

It’s with a sense of deja vu that INO embarks upon this tale, not least because there’s a link between many of the characters and those we featured in Hall Chadwick’s Validus DIRRI Heavy On Referrer Detail, published on Wednesday. Back on May 11, 2018 one of the directors of ASX-listed Capital Mining Limited called Hall Chadwick’s Richard Albarran to arrange a meeting. There must’ve been a fair degree…

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Regulators continue jihad on practitioner compliance

COMMENT Presenting oneself as a fierce and tireless scrutiniser of insolvency practitioners is all the rage among the relevant regulators at the moment. The view among much of the bureaucracy seems to be that these highly qualified professionals cannot be trusted and only heavy regulatory shackles will prevent them from abusing their position to the detriment of all. It’s nonsense of course but regulation is…

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Neolido fraud: Leigh paid $100k to secured creditor

Court documents obtained by Sydney Insolvency News reveal that ex-PPB Advisory (PPBA) partner David Leigh paid $100,000 to a secured creditor out of a total $800,000 PPBA alleges he fraudulently misappropriated from the liquidation account of Neolido Holdings. According to an application for freezing orders filed by lawyers for PPBA last week, Leigh was questioned about the missing monies on Tuesday February 22 by PPBA Queensland…

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