Seize the pay! Liquidators exonerated as ASIC fails

Olvera Advisors’ Kate Barnet. Liquidator Bill Fletcher. Liquidators Kate Barnett and Bill Fletcher have been exonerated by a committee convened in July this year to consider contraventions ASIC alleged were perpetrated in the early days of the Octaviar liquidation. The allegations were brought to Barnett and Fletcher’s attention in show cause notices under section 40-40 of the Corporations Act issued by ASIC in 2019. After…

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Regulators continue jihad on practitioner compliance

COMMENT Presenting oneself as a fierce and tireless scrutiniser of insolvency practitioners is all the rage among the relevant regulators at the moment. The view among much of the bureaucracy seems to be that these highly qualified professionals cannot be trusted and only heavy regulatory shackles will prevent them from abusing their position to the detriment of all. It’s nonsense of course but regulation is…

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KPMG partner’s insistence “disappointing”: QNI Judge

KPMG’s Peter Gothard. Whilst the real pain of Wednesday’s judgment in Parbery & Ors v QNI Metals Pty Ltd & Ors [2020] QSC 143 will be felt by QNI’s general purpose liquidators (GPL) FTI Holdings, Queensland Supreme Court judge Debra Mullins didn’t pull any punches when it came to a couple of elements of the testimony of KPMG partner Peter Gothard. Gothard had been brought…

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