Judge dismisses bid for leave to sue liquidators

dVT’s Riad Tayeh dVT’s Antony de Vries There’s a line in the television series Mad Men where Roger Sterling of fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper says: “advertising’s a great business, except for the clients”. Some Liquidators might feel that sentiment could equally apply to the business of insolvency, except “clients” – at least in the case of dVT founders Anton de Vries and Riad Tayeh…

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Regulators continue jihad on practitioner compliance

COMMENT Presenting oneself as a fierce and tireless scrutiniser of insolvency practitioners is all the rage among the relevant regulators at the moment. The view among much of the bureaucracy seems to be that these highly qualified professionals cannot be trusted and only heavy regulatory shackles will prevent them from abusing their position to the detriment of all. It’s nonsense of course but regulation is…

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Leigh to defend PPBA/Neolido fraud claim

David Leigh, the former PPB Advisory (PPBA) partner who stunned the profession after it emerged he had allegedly pinched $800,000 to pay debts, is set to stun again. In the Supreme Court of Queensland yesterday, Leigh filed a notice of intention to defend a claim for recovery of the funds, launched on February 28, 2018 by PPBA. From what can be gleaned from the document…

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