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Bankruptcy trustee axed by AFSA

Louise Thomson – Bankruptcy trustee’s registration cancelled. The registration of NSW-based bankruptcy trustee Louise Thomson has been cancelled on the recommendation of a committee convened to investigate allegations of conflict of interest. In a statement issued yesterday AFSA said that in 2019 its staff had “investigated instances of misconduct that called into question Thomson’s independence, judgement and general suitability to remain registered as a trustee.”…

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Suspect referral came from lawyer with Plutus links

Living in Prague: Clamenz Lawyers’ Daniel Clarke. INO has republished this article because it has been brought to our attention that the previous version contains imputations that Veritas Advisory, and its directors, knowingly accepted an appointment of a company involved in a tax scam.  In fact the Plutus Payroll Australia Pty Ltd appointment was not referred to Veritas Advisory by Mr Clarke or Clamnez Lawyers. …