Receiver guilty of misconduct but retains role

BPS Reconstruction & Recovery partner Simon Nelson. South-of-the-wall IP Simon Nelson has copped a finding of misconduct from a judge of the Victorian Supreme Court but has retained his position as receiver of Tomi-Sasha Holdings Pty Ltd, the former corporate trustee of the National Property Trust controlled by wealthy Melburnians Eileen and Wayne Crewes. In Re Tomi-Sasha Holdings Pty Ltd (rec and mgr apptd)(adm apptd)…

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Exit plan awry after judge dismisses entirety of liquidator's case

Judge unconvinced by SA liquidator’s exit plan

The demolition of the liquidator’s exit plan could not have been more sweeping or complete. In 500 plus paragraphs delivered on Monday, Justice Greg Parker of the Supreme Court of South Australia dismissed every argument of Adelaide liquidator Nick Orfanos in a battle commenced a decade ago. Orfanos, accountant Michael Michaels and Willem (Bill) Ouwens, who as well as being an accountant is the Honorary Consul for the…