Winding up stayed but priority spoils the party

Deloitte partner Robert Woods. Cor Cordis partner Daniel Juratowitch. iNO has rarely read a decision where so many irregularities have been forgiven on the way to ruling in favour of an appellant seeking to terminate a winding up. Yet in Re The . . . Restricted Content Dear Reader, this story is available only to iNO Priority subscribers. iNO Priority subscribers are entitled to exclusive…

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Scott Schedule to torment Azmac secureds

Liquidator Schon Condon. A dispute in respect of fees and disbursements has descended to the point where payments over which a liquidator claims a lien are getting the Scott Schedule treatment. The accounting equivalent of death by a thousand cuts, the Scott Schedule will involve a spreadsheet savant undertaking painstaking and pedantic analysis of liquidator Schon Condon’s WIP reports for Azmac Pty Ltd (In Liq)….