Employing referrer sees SV Pair to reissue DIRRI

A stoush with the Commissioner of Police, employing one’s referrer, having to include the terms of that employment in a supplementary DIRRI – United Security Enterprises Pty Ltd has plenty for administrators Shumit Banerjee and Jason Porter to sink their teeth into. The SV Partners pair were appointed VAs back on August 31 after being contacted by the company’s accountant Jai Menon. If that surname looks familiar…

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Tax agent

Tax agent cannot recall referring appointments

What a liquidator and ASIC jointly affirm in an enforceable undertaking (EU), a tax agent can seemingly refute in a few hours of public examination. Such was what INO witnessed last Friday in the Federal Court as accountant and registered tax agent Frank Bruzzano denied ever having provided advice on the solvency or otherwise of any company or client, including Lidcombe Plastering Services Pty Ltd (LPS), its…