Termination stayed after funding conundrum resolved

DW Advisory’s Anthony Elkerton. Orders terminating an unjustifiably prejudicial DoCA and appointing liquidators have been stayed after the parties worked out how to prevent the incumbent deed administrators from consuming the entirety of the deed fund in the event the deed proponent appeals. In the matter of Academy Construction & Development Pty Ltd (subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) [2024] NSWSC 842

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Liquidator’s company facing insolvency over tax debt

Cascap Advisory’s Brian Silvia. When you profess expertise in cost control, cashflow management and the sundry other indicia of insolvency, acquired during a career spanning decades, receiving a winding up notice must come as a surprise. When that notice is filed in a court by lawyers acting on behalf of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), along with affidavits in support and a liquidator’s consent well,…