Adjourned first meeting puts replacement VA on hold

JP Downey & Co’s Jim Downey. Hall Chadwick’s Richard Lawrence. A funny thing happened last week. Whoever chaired the first meeting of creditors of Bluechain Pty Ltd adjourned it without creditors voting on the usual resolutions in respect of whether or not to form a committee of inspection and retain or replace the administrators. Inquiries directed to Bluechain’s incumbent appointees did not elicit a reply….

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Appetite for excitement pinged by judge

CJG Advisory’s Mathew Gollant. Melbourne-based IP Mathew Gollant must possess a fair appetite for excitement given his acceptance of an appointment as liquidator by creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL) of ACN 081 014 208 Pty Ltd, which until September 30, 2020 went by the name Millennium Electronics Pty Ltd (Millennium). iNO’s arrived at this conclusion after reading the judgment of South Australian Supreme Court judge Mark…