iNO Good Cause – Support Warren Galgut and motor neurone disease research

iNO is committing precious haircut funds to assist Pitcher Partners’ Warren Galgut and MND research. You can too. #stayingunkemptforWazz

The unkempt 60 year old in the adjacent photograph is me. Pretty much now.

Thanks to COVID, I have discovered areas of my scalp still capable of sustaining coverage. Thanks COVID.

Until recently I was also looking forward to the day I would eyeball my Lebanese barber, nod as he growled “Two all over and square back?” and listen to the reliable whine of his gold-plated shears as he restored my melon to respectability.

Until very recently. Until I learned of the dreadful hand dealt to Pitcher Partners corporate finance client director Warren Galgut. Motor Neurone Disease. That incurable, untreatable demon.

Not that Warren is complaining. He’s demonstrating inspiring fortitude, making the most of his time, raising money for MND research. And you will help him.

We know some of our harried Premiers could approve access to our barbers and hairdressers imminently. Perhaps you’ve even booked an appointment. Set aside a few quid?

Give it up. You know you can afford it. You know it’s better spent. iNO knows. iNO has.

And maybe it will be your dollars that fund the breakthrough for Warren and others like him.


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