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Virgin – VA’s rivals riled and claiming conflicts

Deloitte’s Vaughan Strawbridge. KordaMentha’s Mark Korda. As significant a news story as Deloitte’s appointment as voluntary administrators (VAs) of Virgin Australia Group is, it pales beside the unsubstantiated scuttlebutt upon which iNO routinely latches like a vengeful lamprey with a surfeit of monarchs. Simply put, the mail going around is that KordaMentha co-founder Mark Korda is less than impressed at being overlooked for this historic…

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Court finds Rabbi wrongfully dismissed

Administrators’ dismissal of Rabbi wrongful

Anthony Elkerton and Ron Dean-Willcocks have run aground in their attempts to make redundant the head of South Head & District Synagogue (Sydney) with NSW Supreme Court Justice Paul Brereton ruling that the administrators’ termination of Rabbi Benzion Milecki’s employment amounted to wrongful dismissal. In the matter of South Head & District Synagogue (Sydney) (Administrators appointed) [2017] NSWSC 823 it’s revealed that the administrators gave the Rabbi notice…

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