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Qualified specialists for businesses seeking genuine restructuring or insolvency advice.

Dissolve is an independent insolvency firm specialising in company liquidations. This specialisation allows us to bring to bear our experience and professional judgment to develop highly streamlined systems and a timely service with a very low overhead structure. Dissolve has been appointed to over 800 insolvency appointments since 2008.

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The Insolvency Experts are passionate about helping people suffering the stress of severe financial circumstances. Our aim is to serve by providing expert advice, free of charge, without trying to sell or pressure you into anything. We are qualified, licensed and experienced, and with over 25 years as a Corporate and Personal Insolvency Expert, there is almost no situation we haven’t dealt with and resolved for our clients.

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B&T Advisory is a boutique insolvency and business consulting firm with over 40 years combined experience specialising in Insolvency and Reconstruction services. We have locations in Brisbane and Melbourne and provide services to accountants, legal advisers, financial advisers and anyone that is in business. We are approachable, down to earth and we value our clients. The Firm is dedicated to creating solutions to every problem.

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Since forming 19 years ago we have worked on around 1,000 corporate and personal insolvencies worth in excess of $600 million in creditor claims. We find turnaround work to be the most dynamic and rewarding and are proud to have traded and sold nationwide businesses worth in excess of $100 million in assets and 3,000 creditors. We recognise that our core expertise is small business. We are well established turnaround experts in the SME market.

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McLeod & Partners is a boutique Accounting Firm that specialises in corporate restructuring and insolvency services. With a team of highly experienced staff, the firm provides practical solutions to insolvency issues through a range of services that include: Voluntary Administrations (including Deeds of Company Arrangement), Liquidations, Members' Voluntary Liquidations, Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations, Court Liquidations, Provisional Liquidations, Receiverships, Restructuring Services, Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvencies.

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Ankura is a business advisory firm headquartered in the US specialising in strategy, mergers & acquisitions, turnaround and restructuring, compliance, investigations, forensics, and risk management. Ankura is a firm that is defined by HOW we solve challenges.  Whether a client is facing an immediate challenge to their business, trying to opportunistically increase the value of their company, or protect against future risks, Ankura designs, develops, and executes tailored solutions by assembling the right combination of expertise.  We build on this experience with every case, every client and every situation, collaborating to create innovative, customized solutions and strategies designed for today's ever-changing business environment. When concerns arise, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to guide you through the turbulence back to stability. The Turnaround & Restructuring team in Australia combines local knowledge and experience with a global presence and industry expertise and are focused on the following key services; Company Restructuring Advisory Lender Restructuring Advisory Transactions and Special Situations Interim Management Safe Harbour Advisory

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Head honchos, Max Prentice and David Sampson founded BPS Recovery to bring an innovative approach to the troublesome world of corporate and personal insolvency. The BPS difference:We’ll get to know you, we’re hands on and we’ll tell it straight. At BPS Recovery we always give you advice that is honest, reliable and realistic. We’re not afraid to deliver the news - whether good or bad, and we’ll deliver it in a way that you can understand without all the professional jargon that scares the daylights out of people. Focussing on clear and simple solutions to insolvency situations, we carry them out without a hitch – cleverly executed to generate better outcomes for all involved. We are passionate about businesses being profitable and want to help you get back in the black – or at least make you a return on your assets. Our team know the deal – they’re backed by qualifications, experience and spend most of their spare time reading up on the latest legislation and cases. Every team member contributes their own unique skills and interests, to result in a qualified team of expertise for each and every case. fields. We also draw from a large pool of niche professionals to assist you in specific situations, including Forensic experts, Real Estate advisors, Share Brokers, Lawyers and IT consultants.

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Your trusted experts for insolvency, forensic accounting, restructuring. SPECIAL SITUATION Chartered Accountants ~ Local Focus ~ Global Connections Our Name is Our Vision  ~  auxilium: aid, help, assistance, support (Latin noun) Lawyers and tax accountants hire our expertise on behalf of their clients. Small and medium size business owners hire us to solve their financial difficulties. WA owned and located in West Perth, two highly respected accounting and insolvency professionals, founded Auxilium Partners to provide their big end of town expertise to small and large size companies alike. We offer cost effective, personalised and pragmatic approach to insolvency, forensic investigations and corporate advisory. Registered Liquidator, Bob Jacobs and his team apply their specialised skills to restructure and rejuvenate businesses whenever possible. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Paul Cockburn and his team conduct discreet investigations of a financial nature aka Financial Forensics.  Auxilium Partners works with business  owners, directors, creditors and government regulators like ASIC, ATO, banks or other funding corporations.

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The international insolvency network of Rodgers Reidy is uniquely resourced to specialise in turnaround and recovery strategies, corporate and personal insolvency (including bankruptcy, liquidation and voluntary administration), forensic accounting and litigation support services. At Rodgers Reidy, we aim to, wherever possible, rescue a company or individual in financial difficulty by designing arrangements that will return commercial viability, will benefit all stakeholders, and which avoid the need for liquidation or bankruptcy. In circumstances where this cannot be achieved, we will undertake a prompt, equitable and transparent process calculated to realise the full value of the available assets, so as to achieve the highest possible returns for creditors.

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We are a boutique firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in corporate and personal insolvency and forensic accounting services. For those in financial difficulty we offer formal insolvency services, such as voluntary administration and bankruptcy alternatives, or devise turnaround strategies. For those that seek to recover value, we act as Liquidators, Trustees in Bankruptcy and Receivers of debtors. We maximise returns through asset recovery strategies including, when needed, by pursuing litigation.

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BRI Ferrier is a unique affiliation of expert business recovery, insolvency, forensic accounting and advisory firms. We provide practical, innovative services that help financially distressed businesses to recover or at least minimise the negative impacts of insolvency. With over 160 staff and eleven practices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we work with clients of all types – from individuals, sole traders and small businesses to public corporations and government entities. We also work with financiers, solicitors, accountants and creditors to address the needs of all stakeholders when businesses face financial challenges. At BRI Ferrier, we approach every engagement with impartiality and rigour. We act swiftly and responsively to help resolve our clients’ financial challenges efficiently. Our experience, professionalism and tailored approach enable us to deliver commercial solutions that are innovative, independent and intelligent.

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WCT Advisory works closely with individuals, business owners, company directors, lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders for their corporate finance and restructuring needs. With over 65 years specialist experience in financial advisory, restructuring and insolvency, we greatly value our clients and are dedicated to creating practical and specialised solutions to their problems. We are called upon by companies, directors, lenders, shareholders, and stakeholders when a business: is experiencing financial distress and/or cash flow management issues is unable to meet debt repayment obligations or fund growth lacks experience or expertise to implement a restructure plan has decreased feasibility resulting from unfavourable operational or wider economic factors In addition to more traditional corporate finance engagements (sale of assets/business, transaction support, investment advice, debt restructure), WCT Advisory prominently undertakes Director/Company Side Advisory Lender/Investor Advisory Creditor Side Advisory Litigation Advisory Insolvency Assistance External/Formal Appointments

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Setter Shepard is a specialist practice offering insolvency services and customised strategic solutions for your personal and business needs. Our Principal Adam Shepard has worked in insolvency firms for many years and brings to this new practice a wealth of experience in providing relevant and timely solutions to financial and business problems.

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The senior members of Nicols + Brien have over 30 years of experience in dealing with insolvency issues and advising and helping clients resolve them. As fully qualified practitioners, we can assist by providing practical, no-nonsense advice and take on the full range of Appointments in Australia. We pride ourselves on being available at short notice to travel wherever the situation demands. Initial consultation to discuss the issues are at no cost.

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At Beacon Advisory we believe people matter. This is why we are unwavering in our commitment to helping people navigate business challenges, whatever the scale, with strategy and purpose. Our mission is to deploy traditional insolvency and business advisory services in non-traditional ways through enhanced use of technology, innovation and strategy, underpinned by our delivery philosophy of creativity, collaboration and objectivity.  Our challenge is to prevent if possible and mitigate if not the impact of business failure on all stakeholders. We seek to be the natural choice for referrers and clients to reimagine insolvency outcomes for people, businesses, communities and society as a whole. Our brand is built on our core values of quality, integrity, timeliness, empathy and excellence.

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Vincents is a firm of highly specialised experts on a mission to work with our clients to deliver comprehensive insights into complex situations and enable them to take control of decisions and get the best possible results.  Now in our 30th year, our 34 directors and 200+ staff operate nationally from 6 office locations and service our clients wherever their business interests take them.  We are a fully integrated professional services firm, boasting access to expertise that caters for every business need where numbers are involved.  From start-up to wind up, our experience and reputation for quality, integrity and timeliness provides services that you can trust.

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At Condon Associates we are committed professionals dedicated to providing quality advice and guidance in the fields of Forensic Accounting, Insolvency, and Turnaround Management (F. I. T.).  Our promise is to solve tight and complex situations in constructive, cost effective ways. We will ensure that you and your clients receive first class service with the objective of bringing a commercial solution to those in financial distress. Together with founder Schon Condon, the Senior Management Team of Condon Associates, we are extensively qualified and are members of professional associations.  Our senior team holds over 140 years of cumulative experience and have held positions at the highest levels in both industry and government.    

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Chifley Advisory is a dynamic insolvency advisory firm servicing clients Australia wide. With over 40 years of combined experience administering corporate insolvencies, our partners, principals and managers are expertly placed to help companies recover from financial distress, combining the technical expertise and financial acumen of chartered accountants and registered liquidators focussed on developing strategies to find a turnaround solution when problems occur. ​In cases where a turnaround position is not achievable, we act positively to create strategies to mitigate losses to all stakeholders and whether your business is large or small our focus is on the solution in your insolvency and we will work with you to find the best possible solution.

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J P Downey & Co is a small firm of chartered accountants specialising in insolvency and reconstruction services – “that is all we do, and we do it well.” The firm has gained a reputation for its honesty, integrity, and fairness. Having a relatively small number of highly experienced personnel, supported by the latest in technical resources, the firm is well placed to undertake even smaller engagements quickly and efficiently.

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H&H Advisory is a boutique Corporate Insolvency firm specialising in Insolvency and Reconstruction and Business Advisory Services across various industries. The firm was founded by Shahin Hussain, who is a registered liquidator, CPA and professional member of the Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA).   At H&H Advisory we will take the time to understand the problems you face and your circumstances, so that we can deliver a tailored solution to you. We take the time to know our client base so that we can deliver and implement those solutions effectively and communicate clearly with clients. H&H Advisory is committed to giving the right advice, solving problems and achieving those solutions, which involves putting in the extra effort to get the right result.

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Shaw Gidley specialises in insolvency, business recovery and bankrutpcy matters. Our focus is on small to medium companies, and individuals subjected to financial distress. Between our three offices, we have 20 specialist staff and over 100 years combined experience in the insolvency and reconstruction profession. We have detailed experience in all forms of personal and corporate insolvency and reconstruction activities. We are one of the few regional firms with a dedicated personal insolvency team to assist individuals resolve financial distress. Our principals are recognised for their experience, integrity and efficiency in providing effective practical solutions for companies and individuals facing insolvency concerns.

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Sheahan Lock Partners (SPL) is a specialist, independent and multidisciplinary insolvency firm, focusing on forensic investigation and complex litigation, effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders through the proper management of legal claims. SLP’s core value is provided by its unique experience and expertise in pursuing recoveries through hard fought commercial litigation in a complex insolvency environment.

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At Helm Advisory we understand that every company’s circumstances are different and we will ensure we obtain an in-depth understanding of the company’s circumstances to provide the most appropriate advice.

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Oldhams Advisory is a Brisbane based firm providing bespoke Insolvency and Business Advisory services nationwide. Our concentration is focused on providing timely advice on the alternative solutions available for companies and businesses alike in financial difficulty. With over 20 years of Insolvency and Reconstruction experience in both the New South Wales and Queensland insolvency markets, Managing Director, Glen Oldham is acknowledged for his impressive ability to formulate the best possible solution for entities in financial difficulties.   ​

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The team at Vince & Associates are Business Restructuring & Insolvency Accountant specialists with an approach that is practical and commercial to assist stakeholders achieve the best possible outcomes in often difficult situations.

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Sheahan Lock Partners (SPL) is a specialist, independent and multidisciplinary insolvency firm, focusing on forensic investigation and complex litigation, effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders through the proper management of legal claims. SLP’s core value is provided by its unique experience and expertise in pursuing recoveries through hard fought commercial litigation in a complex insolvency environment.

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The senior members of Nicols + Brien have over 30 years of experience in dealing with insolvency issues and advising and helping clients resolve them. As fully qualified practitioners, we can assist by providing practical, no-nonsense advice and take on the full range of Appointments in Australia. We pride ourselves on being available at short notice to travel wherever the situation demands. Initial consultation to discuss the issues are at no cost.

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At Ticcidew, we are a small business based in Osborne Park servicing our clients in business revitalisation, restructuring and insolvency services. We strive to provide exceptional services by helping those who are experiencing financial distress. We listen to your concerns, review your individual circumstances and work to provide the best possible outcome for directors and all key stakeholders. We are a small to medium enterprise (SME) ourselves and we aim to help other SME’s during this difficult time following the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expertise and personalised service, paired with our convenient location in Osborne Park, means that we are your one-stop shop for the recovery and turnaround of your business. We often find that directors and shareholders wait too long to seek professional advice and before they know it, they’re trading an insolvent business for years. We want to help turnaround your business before it gets there.

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Hamilton Murphy is a specialist Insolvency, Business Recovery and Personal Bankruptcy practice comprising both qualified Chartered Accountants and members of CPA Australia with a rapidly expanding national footprint. We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in providing practical business and personal solvency solutions to accountants, solicitors financiers and their clients.

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