Rob Naudi has a track record of achieving outstanding results for key stakeholders on his engagements covering large corporates through to small companies across multiple industries. Rob has the enviable title of administering the first Personal Insolvency Agreement in Australia back in 2005 and he is sought after for a number of profile personal insolvency appointments including politicians, barristers and prominent business personalities.  

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If your business – or a business you advise – has financial challenges, we can help. BRI Ferrier is a unique affiliation of expert business recovery and insolvency firms in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We provide practical, innovative services that help financially distressed businesses to recover or at least minimise the negative impacts of insolvency. With over 160 staff and eleven practices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we work with clients of all types – from individuals, sole traders and small businesses to public corporations and government entities. We also work with financiers, solicitors, accountants and creditors to address the needs of all stakeholders when businesses face financial challenges.

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If you suspect your company is in financial difficulty, get proper accounting and legal advice as early as possible. We use our expertise to minimise personal and corporate loss, ensure assets are returned to the marketplace and provide a process to 'close the book' on what can be crippling debt.

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Sheahan Lock Partners (SPL) is a specialist, independent and multidisciplinary insolvency firm, focusing on forensic investigation and complex litigation, effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders through the proper management of legal claims. SLP’s core value is provided by its unique experience and expertise in pursuing recoveries through hard fought commercial litigation in a complex insolvency environment.

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