Mason Gray Strange South Australia was founded in 1980. In the 40 years since, the Mason Gray Strange name has represented uncompromising service to industry & commerce around Australia. MGS is one of a handful of companies to be accredited panel valuers for the major financial institutions as well as being endorsed by both State, Commonwealth & Local Governments. MGS acts on a regular basis for banking institutions, chartered accountants, the legal profession, corporate & private clients. MGS conducts over 180 auctions & 500 valuations per annum & is at the forefront of technology within the auction business, pioneering live, online auctions. Whether you need assets valued or disposed of, MGS can help. We understand that each client has different needs & we can tailor a package to suit. Our client base is extensive having serviced many of Australia's major corporations & financiers & a multitude of small companies. MGS are purely commissioned agents.

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Sheahan Lock Partners (SPL) is a specialist, independent and multidisciplinary insolvency firm, focusing on forensic investigation and complex litigation, effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders through the proper management of legal claims. SLP’s core value is provided by its unique experience and expertise in pursuing recoveries through hard fought commercial litigation in a complex insolvency environment.

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We are a boutique firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in corporate and personal insolvency and forensic accounting services. For those in financial difficulty we offer formal insolvency services, such as voluntary administration and bankruptcy alternatives, or devise turnaround strategies. For those that seek to recover value, we act as Liquidators, Trustees in Bankruptcy and Receivers of debtors. We maximise returns through asset recovery strategies including, when needed, by pursuing litigation.

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