J P Downey & Co is a small firm of chartered accountants specialising in insolvency and reconstruction services – “that is all we do, and we do it well.” The firm has gained a reputation for its honesty, integrity, and fairness. Having a relatively small number of highly experienced personnel, supported by the latest in technical resources, the firm is well placed to undertake even smaller engagements quickly and efficiently.

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As the industry evolves we're committed to providing you with the best practice methods to help your business optimise its insolvency procedures. Choose CORE IPS and manage your insolvency cases efficiently and cost-effectively. Stay confident in the knowledge you'll always be one step ahead of compliance changes.

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Strengh by Shared Knowledge The Main purpose of the Trade Bureaux is to access the early warning signs of a business that maybe in financial distress thereby saving your company from potential losses.

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TRUSTED, EXPERIENCED AND PROFESSIONAL Menzies Advisory is a boutique firm based in South Melbourne, Brisbane and Southport specialising in all corporate insolvency appointments. Founder Michael Caspaney is a Registered Liquidator with more than 38 years commercial experience. His time in industry and commerce means he has a practical and pragmatic approach and his preferred lawyers are willing to investigate issues on a no win no fee basis, allowing for extensive opportunities for recoveries.

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Dye & Co. Pty Ltd is an established company of trusted registered insolvency practitioners that offer effective solutions to both corporate and personal insolvency matters. We focus on providing our professional advice in straightforward language so you understand your options. Each matter is lead by one of our directors from start to finish so you get personalised and dedicated attention to your matter. Our emphasis is on delivering fast, timely and effective solutions for all stakeholders.

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The PCI Partners team has a consistent approach in working tirelessly to find what many others may not. In the case of insolvency projects, this starts with assisting businesses to turn around their position and trade back into solvency. If this outcome is not achievable, the team work to deliver best results for all parties. Creditors can be assured we are known for our investigative skills in identifying sources of funds and seeking answers to the hard questions.

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If your business – or a business you advise – has financial challenges, we can help. BRI Ferrier is a unique affiliation of expert business recovery and insolvency firms in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We provide practical, innovative services that help financially distressed businesses to recover or at least minimise the negative impacts of insolvency. With over 160 staff and eleven practices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we work with clients of all types – from individuals, sole traders and small businesses to public corporations and government entities. We also work with financiers, solicitors, accountants and creditors to address the needs of all stakeholders when businesses face financial challenges.

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