Unusual offer for retiree trustee

A recruitment firm is seeking a bankruptcy trustee and offering a full time salary for a part time roleWanted: bankruptcy trustee willing to work part time for full time salary

SiN doesn’t normally do job ads but what came across the desk in the last few days was different. A well known recruiter circulated an email earlier this week. The offering is somewhat curious. The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) might care to take note. If you are a trustee in bankruptcy in the twilight of your career you might be interested. Here is the ad, minus the recruiter’s name.

“As a registered Trustee, I am seeking your assistance. We are recruiters in the insolvency space and a good client of ours has asked us to fill a role that is unique and also outside the areas we normally operate in.

“They have an opportunity for a Registered Trustee interested in scaling back. The good thing is they envisage a part time role, but with a full time salary. They will be employed by this well-established personal insolvency group.

“What the Trustee is required to do is act as a Registered Trustee as well as mentor and train younger staff.

“Unique is that the role is open to people from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney as the person only needs to spend a few days a month in their Brisbane office.

“Should you know of anyone that would be interested in this role, I would appreciate you letting me know or pass this on to them.”

Full time salary for a part time role? Act as a trustee whist simultaneously mentoring young staff? Several days per month in the Brisbane office? A trustee inclined to explore such an offer might ask which: “Well-established personal insolvency group” would need a registered trustee who wouldn’t work full-time?

He or she might also ask which firm would want a trustee to spend a portion of the hours he or she did work on mentoring, thereby reducing the hours available to fulfil the important duties a registered trustee is obliged to undertake as well as the usual spruiking for business and the networking with referrers that’s also part and parcel of being a trustee?

SiN will reveal more if and when the prospective employer can be induced to talk, and if any subsequent revelations prove newsworthy.

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