Is Queensland trustee’s ticket on the line?

Peter Dinoris may be about to relinquish ticket
Peter Dinoris: Word is that AFSa would like a chat.

INO’s spent part of this week trying to corroborate multiple reports coming across our desk advising that Artemis Insolvency principal Peter Dinoris may be facing some form of conduct action in relation to his trustee’s ticket.

INO makes no suggestion of wrongdoing and at time of writing the subject of those reports had not responded to multiple invitations to discuss them or otherwise provide the clarity necessary for INO to keep its audience informed.

That’s of course fair enough. The former Vincents partner is under no obligation to reply (assuming he saw our emails or heard our messages on his voice mail) and it’s only because of the preponderance of reliable sources in this particular instance that we’ve seen fit to go to print.

Our mail though – received via multiple sources – is that Dinoris could shortly find himself attending an AFSA disciplinary committee hearing.

Now you’d think though that – if unfounded – such reports are best dispelled.

To that end we sent Dinoris several emails seeking clarification and left messages on his mobile phone’s voice mail service requesting the same.

We also searched the member listings on ARITA’s website and discovered that Dinoris appears to have either relinquished or chosen to let his membership lapse.

Dinoris did not respond to any of our attempts to contact him and the relevant statutory body – the Australian Financial Securities Authority (AFSA) – also declined to comment.

As far as AFSA’s record of trustees go though, Dinoris is still in the game with a valid ticket and until he advises us otherwise or we receive independent confirmation about what precisely is going on we’ll just say that in our opinion, it smells like something’s afoot.

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  1. Wedont Needthis | 6 March 2019 at 8:41 am | Reply

    Tabloid journalism…write something useful.

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