Trade Choses of Action and find Funding with LAE


Legal Action Exchange (LAE) is a digital platform for liquidators and bankruptcy trustees that facilitates the sale of choses of action and the acquisition of funding for legal actions.

On Legal Action Exchange you can post the details of choses of action you are looking to sell or fund but don’t have the time or resources to fund yourself.

How it works

The Liquidator/ Bankruptcy Trustee lodges the details of the litigation and provides an expiry date (not more than 3 months). Only details of the Litigation are displayed. The offeror/vendor retains absolute anonymity.

The Liquidator/ Bankruptcy Trustee decides what details of the litigation are submitted – such as quantum of claim, breaches of which law/s, whether it is against an individual or company and what is known about the defendant/s financial position (eg interests in real property etc).

The cost of each litigation submitted is $1,200. A Tax Invoice is issued via email for payment within 30 days.

Interested parties pay $100 (plus GST) for their details to be forwarded to the Liquidator/Bankruptcy Trustee.

Legal Action Exchange will forward all qualified leads to the Liquidator/ Bankruptcy Trustee marketing the opportunity. The rest is up to you and the interested party. 

Contact: Legal Action Exchange

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