The AIIP wants you


AIIP president Stephen Hathway.

The Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners (AIIP) is on a recruitment drive.

Founded in 2016 the not-for-profit currently has more than 160 members and is looking to open its collective network to a larger proportion of the only IPs it accepts as members- registered liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy.

According to AIP President Stephen Hathway of Helm Advisory membership offers genuine benefits.

“It’s a practitioners’ association for practitioners by practitioners,” Hathway says.

Significantly, with a membership comprising only registered and regulated corporate and personal insolvency specialists, AIIP working groups maintain a laser focus on the issues of most import to RLs and trustees.

That also means there is no divergence of interests from a non-registered membership which Hathway says means “Sharing the same problems and building a collective network to group solve the key issues facing IPs.”

“We are active in advocacy and only focus on matters that have a real impact on the IP,” he said.

Hathway said the AIIP had already established chapters in Brisbane, Sydney , Parramatta and Melbourne and was looking to set up in Adelaide.

Want to join now? Go to the registration form or click on the link at to explore the collegiate world of the AIIP and its targeted advocacy, or send a message to:

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