Breaking: struck off liquidator avoids gaol

Disgraced liquidator's counsel convinces court to suspend sentence.
disgraced liquidator Mark Darren Levi

Mark Darren Levi in happier times.

Disgraced former liquidator Mark Darren Levi has been spared gaol time after a judge this morning ordered he serve a sentence of 18 months fully suspended.

In June last year, Levi, 43 pleaded guilty to a charge of gaining a benefit by deception. His guilty plea came seven years after he stole $90,000 from a receivership account whilst working in the offices of Jamieson Louttit & Associates.

Levi and Louttit had been in dispute about his entitlements and he left the firm soon after and started Titan Advisory.

However he then arranged a meeting with Louttit, confessed to what he had done and two weeks later repaid the money.

During the sentencing hearing the court heard that Levi had been on anti-depressants since 2014, that his health had suffered and that he had not offended since, all evidence his counsel insisted of remorse and contrition.

The judge told Levi that if he was brought before the courts in relation to any criminal offence whilst serving out his good behaviour beyond he would almost certainly be imprisoned.

Jamieson Louttit told SiN he had no comment to make. A more detailed report will be published in SiN’s next newsletter on Wednesday, February 8.

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