Spice Temple: examinations don’t impair appetites

Veritas Advisory principal Steve Naidenov was recently spotted at Spice Temple

Veritas Advisory principal Steve Naidenov. INO Images.

Veritas Advisory's David Iannuzzi was recent spotted at Spice Temple

Veritas Advisory’s David Iannuzzi.

INO’s culinary attache recently made note of Veritas Advisory’s David Iannuzzi and Steve Naidenov enjoying the splendid fare at high end Chinese restaurant Spice Temple, observing that the pair, who are currently being examined by the FEG Recovery Unit in regard to their handling of the MK Floors liquidation, were reportedly relaxed and enjoying their lunch with unidentified guests.

The report from our source neatly corresponded with a letter from the pair’s lawyer Stefano Calabretta yesterday expressing dissatisfaction with elements of INO’s coverage of the examinations to date.

The letter dated September 11, 2018 complains about INO’s characterisation of an allegation put to Naidenov during his examination by FEG’s counsel.

Despite his clients being apparently “disappointed” with the characterisation it apparently took them more than a month after the story was published to instruct him to alert INO of same.

Coincidentally, the letter arrived less than 24 hours before the examinations’ resumption today.

Iannuzzi may take the witness box if FEG’s counsel gets through with ex-Federal Labor minister John Brown and Naidenov in time.

INO will also be there, endeavouring to characterise any allegations which might be put to the somewhat besieged liquidators in a form less likely to disappoint.

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