No more zoom gloom – AIIP ringside is back


With more than a third of all registered liquidators and bankruptcy trustees as members and potential attendees, the AIIP’s Ringside 2022 conference promises to surpass its predecessors for atmosphere, relevance and metaphorical fireworks as Insolvency Practitioners prepare to gather mid-year at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

For collegiate conviviality AIIP conferences have no rival, and the Association has assembled a tight and highly relevant program dealing with the of compelling topics for Australian IPs.

There’ll be railing at the injustices of pandemic responses; there’ll be cunning plans conceived on the QT, and according to the AIIP no time will be spent on topics that are not uppermost in the minds of members and fellow practitioners. 

Nor will virtual attendance be tolerated with borders now open AIIP president Stephen Hathway says it’s time to travel. That means no zoom gloom is permitted, particularly given the President believes Ringside 2022 is such great value there’s no need to attend another conference this year. 

Commencing on Thursday, June 23 and concluding Friday afternoon, June 24 with an optional FEG work shop before the traditional start time, AIIP’s Ringside 2022 will feature the annual economic update from sponsor Macquarie Bank; a market trends presentation from CreditorWatch; Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks and a range of interactive panel discussions including a talk on how the SME sector will emerge after more than two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns; as well as the centrepiece Rumble with Regulators event.

Punchy talks delivered and avenues afforded for the venting – respectfully of course- about the insolvency sector and what has happened to this most specialised branch of accounting and professional services.

And for those lamenting all the monitoring of the simplified and rarely deliverable SBRP, Ringside 2022 chairman John Morgan says a great evening’s entertainment has been planned in the National Gallery on the Thursday night. 

There’ll be all the value and more that an IP could expect from an annual membership fee of $200 full and $100 for associates.

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