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The process of selling a business can be slow, uncertain and extremely resource hungry. For businesses under administration or in distress, a longer sales timeframe is often not an option. Through working with Administrators for over 10 years, Xcllusive has developed a three week program designed to reach as many buyers as possible in as short a period of time as possible. You can lower your financial risk and reach thousands of buyers instantly with our team handling all marketing enquiries and negotiations.

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Scout Corp specialises in property preparation, sale and realisation of assets for Insolvency Professionals, Mortgagees, Executors and Charities Australia-wide. We partner with our clients by providing tailored, specialist property services that handle the management of all aspects of the property realisation process. We are passionate about achieving maximum benefits for our clients through the end to end management of the property sales process. We work as an advocate for people who need independent support whilst navigating the property sales process. Our clients nationwide rely on our expertise skills and knowledge of the property realisation process, for all types of property, to assist them in achieving their goals.

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