Insolvency Guardian and SM Solvency shut up shop

SM Solvency Accountants’ Jarrod Sierocki.
Retired liquidator Brendan Nixon.

iNO’s prediction that the retirement of Queensland liquidator Brendan Nixon would make it difficult for businessman Jarrod Sierocki to continue in the insolvency space appears to have come to pass.

In recent weeks SM Solvency Accountants and Insolvency Guardian – the two main businesses through which Sierocki dabbled in the business of bankruptcy and wind up – have shut, as evidenced by their websites which now carry one page messages explaining why they are no more.

“As a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, changes to the legal framework in insolvency and the sudden passing of our colleague in late December, Insolvency Guardian has made the hard decision to close,” the single page on the Insolvency Guardian website states.

“On behalf of Insolvency Guardian, I would like to thank all of our staff and all the other professionals who have worked with us, as well as the directors and shareholders who have placed their trust in us since 2011.

“For any, and all insolvency enquiries, please go to the ASIC Liquidator page which can be found here.”

As the message is unsigned it’s unclear who is doing the thanking. Is Sierocki thanking himself?

Whoever wrote the message is certainly omitting the most relevant event contributing to the firm’s closure, that being Nixon’s retirement and the transfer of hundreds of the liquidations and bankruptcies in his name to three practitioners at Vincents.

Nor is there any clarification of what the anonymous author means by “changes to the legal framework in insolvency”. You can view the messages at and

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