Peter Gosnell, editor and publisher, Insolvency News Online.

Dear readers,

for some time this organ’s coverage has ventured beyond the geographical boundary implied by the word Sydney in the title Sydney Insolvency News.

To reflect our national focus on the insolvency and restructuring professions we bring you our new masthead, Insolvency News Online (INO).

We like to pronounce INO as “Eye Know” and like to think our readers know because they read INO.

Certainly, we’ve been doing something right since launching officially in July 2016.

This month the newsletter’s readership passed 2,650 and in April the website for the first time surpassed 50,000 page views in a calendar month – not bad growth given we registered 12,500 page views in our first month.

We hope you approve of the new masthead. It’s not all we have planned and in the coming months we’ll be rolling out additional services for the INO readership, their clients and their providers.

INO, therefore I am.


Peter Gosnell

Editor & Publisher

Insolvency News Online (INO)

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