ASIC reshuffle loads up Eszenyi with auditors

ASIC’s top liquidator cop Thea Eszenyi now policing auditors too.

Some iNO readers will be aware that there’s been a great of shuffling of senior roles over at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) of late, and while most of what little media attention there has been has focussed on the implications for ASIC’s most senior regulators, Thea Eszenyi, who is responsible the regulation of the registered liquidator population, has not been overlooked.

Earlier this week ASIC published an updated register of its senior management hierarchy and low and behold, Eszenyi is now responsible for auditors as well. 

The promotion, which we hope comes with a hefty pay rise, means Eszenyi is now Senior Executive Leader, Financial Reporting and Audit,a function she must now effectuate whilst simultaneously fulfilling her duties as Senior Executive Leader, Insolvency Practitioners.

For Eszenyi’s sake iNO hopes auditors are very well behaved. Unlike the 650-odd liquidators she’s responsible for as chief insolvency practitioner police, there are thousands of registered auditors. 

For the whole kerfuffle on the reshuffle see ASIC senior leadership and as always Support INO’s continued chronicling of the insolvency sector.

4 Comments on "ASIC reshuffle loads up Eszenyi with auditors"

  1. That’s excellent news for the following reasons:
    1.Thea is well respected and competent to deal with both groups; and
    2.Proportionately that offloads the majority of her costs from our cost centre for purposes of the IFF (Industry Funding Fiasco).

  2. She’s really breaking the glass ceiling. My sister had a son with a marijuana issue and had to quit work for 7 years and missed so much opportunity. Women who can strive to leadership must be applauded.

  3. Hope she actually have some competent staff willing to investigate and charge offenders rather than the current practice .

    • ASIC is somewhat of a joke, I agree. It’s not as if directors even get a slap on the wrist. Misconduct is rampant. Thanks, ASIC!

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