Do you bit for insolvency law reform!

Registered trustees, debt agreement administrators & other insolvency practitioners – can you help with research on personal insolvency law?

A Melbourne Law School PhD study is researching the options available for people who are over-indebted, including bankruptcy and debt agreements.

Nicola Howell’s study is focusing on the impacts of the different options on debtors, including the extent to which debtors improve their financial situation and financial wellbeing, and have a reduced chance of future debt problems.

Although there is some data available on the causes of personal insolvency, we know less about what happens for debtors during the life of a personal insolvency administration, or after it has been concluded.

Nicola’s study is designed to explore these issues and to help identify how the relevant laws are working in practice, and whether any changes are needed.

As part of the study, Nicola is keen to hear from registered trustees and others working in the personal insolvency sector.

If you would like to contribute your insights through an anonymous practitioner survey, more details, and the survey link, are available at: . 

The study’s protocol and documents have been approved by Melbourne University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (ID 1851074), and the privacy of all participants will be protected. Nicola also welcomes any queries ([email protected] or on 07 3138 2006).

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