Dinoris talks ignore elephant in the office

Chifley's Gavin Moss is in talks about a possible role with ex-Vincents partner Peter Dinoris.
Chifley Advisory's Gavin Moss is talking to ex-Vincents' partner Peter Dinoris about an offer.

Chifley Advisory’s Gavin Moss is talking to ex-Vincents’ partner Peter Dinoris about an offer.

Liquidator Peter Dinoris may have parted ways somewhat abruptly with Vincents Chartered Accountants but salvation in the form of a new role is potentially a mere seven floors down from Vincents’ Level 34 HQ in the Santos Place complex on Brisbane’s Turbot Street.

Whilst processing dross from the insolvency silts earlier this week, SiN learned that the out-of-work Queenslander was considering re-establishing himself under the banner of Chifley Advisory’s Gavin Moss.

Whilst no deal’s been inked Moss – a former Vincents loyalist himself – confirmed when contacted that discussions are underway. A query sent to Dinoris extracted a text response along the lines of: “I have a number of options and no decisions have been made”.

A shift to Chifley Queensland would make practical sense for Dinoris, if only because its Brisbane office is on Level 27 Santos Place. The location could scarcely be more familiar.

The only discouraging element might be the potential for triple A awkwardness in the event Dinoris encounters old Vincents colleagues like co-appointee on numerous jobs Nick Combis and managing Director David Rose while waiting for the lifts.

Dinoris wouldn’t say why he left Vincents but part of the answer could lie here at Dinoris And Vincents Part Company or here at Judge Clouts Dinoris Over Duties.

There are also other matters afoot involving Dinoris which SiN is preparing to report upon. These may have influenced his decision to leave or Vincents decision to oust him, whichever the case may be.

Moss told SiN the proximity of Chifley’s office to Vincents’ HQ was a coincidence and there was no referral relationship between the two firms. That said he’s clearly pulling in work and on the hunt, confirming during our conversation that whilst no formal offer had been made to Dinoris, he had made an offer of employment to another registered and official liquidator. A response is yet to manifest.

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