Deloitte defector decamps to Cor Cordis

Deloitte defector Neil Cussen
joins Cor Cordis

You have to wonder how it is that Deloitte, which received the largest transfusion of fees in Australia in recent years courtesy of the Virgin appointment, can be haemorrhaging partners?

That very question was put to iNO during a conversation with someone close to the recent move by liquidator and Deloitte veteran Neil Cussen to move to Cor Cordis.

Cussen did not respond to inquiries but we understand yesterday was day one in his new role as equity partner and head of Cor Cordis’s Sydney office.

Incidentally our mail suggested Deloitte partner Michael Billingsley is considering following Cussen but sources said there was no agreement or contract in place between Cor Cordis and Billingsley as of yesterday and the man himself did not return calls.

Cussen’s move comes as the AFR recently reported that four Deloitte partners – Grant Cameron, 52, Salim Biskri, 37, Sam Venn, 34 and William Campbell, 46 had jumped ship to BDO.

Nor was it long ago that Vaughan Strawbridge, the man who won Virgin for Deloitte, announced his intention to leave the Big Four firm to join FTI Consulting.

It makes you wonder what, if anything, the Deloitte leadership is doing to staunch the flow? Support INO’s continued chronicling of the insolvency sector.

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