de Jong Read chief examined by McGrathNicol

McGrathNicol’s Anthony Connelly.
de Jonge
de Jonge Read founder and executive director Henry ‘Hank’ de Jonge.

Hank de Jonge, founder of self-declared insolvency specialists de Jonge Read, is among a group of de Jonge Read staff and former staff questioned during public examinations conducted earlier this month by the liquidator of Harker Accounting.

In addition to the firm founder, executive director Ashley Shield, strategist Darren Addison, strategy support officer Sue Morling and former operations manager Sue Hayward, who left the firm in March to join restructuring and business turnaround specialists Strategic Solutions (QLD), have also been questioned.

Liquidator Anthony Connelly of McGrathNicol is investigating a pre-appointment transfer of the business formerly operated by Harker Accounting which subsequently came to be operated by a company related to Harker Accounting.

de Jonge did not respond to requests for comment prior to publication.

McGrathNicol were appointed liquidators of Harker by the courts back in 2017, a couple of months after Vincents’ Nick Combis accepted an appointment as administrator.

Combis provided information in response to notices to produce issued with the examination summonses and there is no allegation of wrongdoing.

The examinations, which also involved Kevin, Hamish and Benita Harker, took place between September 16 and 18 2020. iNO will update the story in due course. Support INO’s continued chronicling of the insolvency sector.

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