Brains over Breasts founder’s pizza venture bust

Brains over Breasts hasn't saved Illingworth from insolvency
SAI Capital Investments Sally Illingworth.

She may well be the “Northern Territory’s 59th Most Powerful Individual” and formerly Darwin’s most prominent pizza franchisee, but Brains over Breasts founder Sally Anne Illingworth is discovering that social media infamy and the gift of the gab are no substitute for cash when the tax personage calls.

This week the Federal Court ordered Illingworth’s $1 company – SAI Global Investments Pty Ltd – be wound up and SV Partners’ Jason Porter be appointed liquidator.

INO understands that SAI Global Investments was the corporate vehicle through which Illingworth operated her Darwin Crust Pizza franchise, which according to reports had to extinguish its ovens in January.

We understand the company owes the Australian Tax Office (ATO) almost $200,000, much of it for unpaid BAS and PAYG.

Illingworth’s Linked In profile describes her as “a business, branding and influential strategist, perspective-conversationalist and passionate LinkedIn media personality -boasting 250k+ content impressions weekly!”

A YouTube search meanwhile yields a wealth of video material demonstrating Illingworth’s considerable abilities as a communicator.

Sales of her catchy Brains over Breasts advocacy teeshirts however have clearly not provided sufficient additional income to enable SAI Global Investments compliant.

On what may have kept Crust from continuing, it was perhaps Illingworht’s penchant for long distance pizza deliveries – as much as 300 kilometres – that pushed overheads into the death zone.

Alternatively it may have been her generously proportioned pizzas – one at 11.4 metres allegedly a record as Australia’s longest – that sapped profits.

Either way, we suspect a little episode with insolvency won’t keep this 23 year old down for long.

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