Bankruptcy trustee Louise Thomson vindicated

Louise Thomson vindicated

Louise Thomson vindicated: first trustee to be referred to disciplinary committee under new rules. Image: Veritas Advisory.

Veritas Advisory trustee in bankruptcy Louise Thomson has been vindicated by the first disciplinary committee convened under Schedule 2, section 40-45 of the Bankruptcy Act, 1966.

In a Decision Committee Report the Committee decided that:

  • i. the Trustee should continue to be registered.
  • 11. suspension, or restriction on the Trustee’s appointments is not appropriate.
  • Iii. public admonishment or reprimand is not appropriate.
  • Iv. a condition or conditions should not be imposed on the Trustee.
  • v. under s 40-55(, )(h), the Inspector-General publish a media release, along with these reasons for decision.

“However, while the Committee does not consider that a formal condition be imposed, of the sort contemplated by s 40-50(I )(g), it notes that the Regulator has, as part of its risk based approach to inspection of trustees, the discretion to allocate resources to ensure particular elements of the Trustee’s work remain consistent with the standards laid down and align with the expectations of the Regulator.”

See the decision of the committee in full at the link at the  bottom ofDisciplinary Committee decides – Thomson to remain registered

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  1. The Media Release of course does not clearly indicate the approach taken by the Committee – rather it justifies an approach taken because of criticism by the Full Court and without it appears a clear separate approach on the part of the Inspector General in Bankruptcy of the true position of Ms Thomson which must have been known before the public referral of Ms Thomson to the Committee.

    The decision also clearly shows that the Committee when constituted will be independent and fair in dealing with practitioners.

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