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Litany of woe from liquidator who stole

Amanda Young conceals her face as she leaves court. A harrowing portrait of a problem-plagued life made worse by alleged workplace bullying and harassment unfolded yesterday as ex-liquidator Amanda Young testified ahead of her sentencing on charges of stealing tens of thousands of dollars while employed as a salaried partner at the Sydney office of insolvency firm Jirsch Sutherland. Young, who in February pleaded guilty…

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Suppressed insolvency market hatching new firms

Ex RSM partner Dave Mutton – another liquidator going it alone. RSM Partner Jonathan Colbran. If liquidators leave their firms to start a new venture and take none of their appointments does that indicate that a parting was less than amicable? Not necessarily is the only appropriate reply to such rhetorical gambits but the thought occurred to iNO – as such malignancies tend to –…

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